Resort Policies

  • Check-In Time: 2pm
  • Check-Out Time: 12pm
  • Quiet hours are as posted: (Sun-Thurs) 10pm – 8am (Fri-Sat) 11pm – 8am
  • Pool hours posted as follows: 9am – 6pm. Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times.

Storage & Outside Furniture

No storage of any kind is allowed outside of your vehicle. A limited amount of leisure furniture is allowed on-site based on management discretion.


Vehicles must be parked on your site with a max of 2 vehicles. Additional parking available with fee.

Maximum Vehicle and Person Occupancy

Only one camping unit per site.

Up to 6 adults allowed per site.

Garbage & Disposal of Liquid

Burning garbage is not permitted. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

TN State law prohibits the draining of any type of liquid into the ground.

Campfires and Surrounding Trees

Small campfires are allowed as long as they fit in the campfire ring on your site. Firewood may not be brought into the facility due to Army Core of Engineers law.

Please do not cut, carve or deface trees in any way.


Parents are responsible for the behavior and welfare of their children.

Parents must supervise children using campground facilities at all times.

Prohibited Items

The use of motorbikes, ATVs, firearms, bb guns, airsoft, paintball, or fireworks are prohibited.

Alcohol Consumption

TN State Law requires alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the confines of your campsite.

Vehicle Washing & Repairs

Vehicle washing and repairs are prohibited on-site.


Pets are welcome as long as you comply with the below regulations:

  • Non-aggressive
  • Leashed at all times
  • Never left unattended at campsite
  • Pet waste is disposed of
  • Owner assumes responsibility for pet’s actions

Objectionable Behavior

Management reserves the right to discharge any person(s), without refund, for failure to abide by the rules or for objectionable behavior.

Refunds due to cancellations, weather & early departure

We will issue a full refund if notice of cancellation is received 2 weeks before date of arrival. (4 weeks for any holidays).

We will not issue a refund in the event of cancellation for early departure, weather or without adequate notice which is listed above.


10 Year Policy

All RVs over 10 years old require picture verification prior to staying with us. Please consult with us before you book to prevent any potential inconvenience.


Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses incurred for any cause to guests or visitors.